05 August 2009

Men of Color

My range of attraction is pretty broad. So broad that my friends call me the United Nations of Sluts. (That's a good thing, right?) In this day and age of change and "Yes We Can" which translates to unless you're gay I felt that I should at least nod the proverbial head to men of color. I've always been jealous of these men: they seem to have a natural muscularity that no other race does. And if they work out the results are just breathtakingly stunning (check out that first pic again). Then there's the daddy bear type (pic 4) who could definitely learn me a lesson by bending me over his knee and forcing me to - - A-HEM. Sorry, I digress. Hope you enjoy. BEHR HUGS!


Anonymous said...


David Dust said...

Excellent collection!!!


Alex said...

Hi Berh. Just discovered your blog (thanks again Google)and I really like it. I'm African-American myself and though I don't buy the whole "natural masculinity" thing, since I know how hard my buff friends work for their buffness, I do agree that there are some hot black men out there. Its nice of you to appreciate and showcase them. You are totally on target with the daddy in pic 4. OMG!