28 August 2009

New Cell Phone

I got a new cell phone!!

My service provider - Verizon Wireless - has a plan where you can become eligible for a "free" phone every two years. It requires, of course, a contract renewal. This is about the second or third time I've taken advantage of this.

I got the enV3 in slate blue and I'm really liking it! Although bigger than my previous phone, it is still slim and and so functional! I rarely use my cell phone for calls; usually I'm texting or accessing the Web via the online service (extra charge).

The pics are of the phone in its closed and open (or "flipped") modes. The QWERTY keyboard inside will take some getting used to since I have fat fingers. But so far I'm figuring it out pretty well. I only accidentally erased two of my contacts (it's OK; Verizon has a backup assistant feature from which I was able to obtain the erased info).

I also got a BlueTooth device - or rather something similar. I've never had one and it was so easy to pair it to the phone. Now I can walk around and talk on my phone giving the impression that I'm an arrogant asshole talking to himself!!!

The amazing thing is I ordered it online on Wednesday morning while at work and picked it up from FedEx on Thursday evening (truth comes out - I didn't post because I was playing with my new toy). Amazing service. And all in all I only paid about $30 out of pocket for the phone (retails about $160). I paid extra for the headset but it was a worthy investment, I think.

Oh and for kicks I downloaded a new ringtone (hated the preset ones): the opening guitar riff from The Who's Baba O'Riley. I'm just waiting for someone to call me!!



Howard said...

I LOVE Baba O'Riley!

Snugglebeartx said...

That looks so cool. I have Verizon and was looking at getting a new phone. I have the Juke and am not crazy about it. This seems perfect for me.

Michael Rivers said...

This is the exact phone/color that I planned to get! lol. Was looking at them on Friday. Glad you like it!

Mark in DE said...

So, with all the wireless web surfing, texting, unlimited local and long distance, I imagine the phone is only running you about $300. a month, right? ;-)