28 August 2009

Thursday Training

As promised, here is the first of three updates due to my lack of posting last night and my oversleeping this morning.

As you may remember, I was rather excited about training a new colleague on a specific application that the bank uses to track its call report and pipeline. This colleague - I'll just call him R - is a handsome man: incredible blue eyes, short cropped brown hair, dimples as deep as a canyon, and a smile that is owing to either lucky genes or a remarkable dentist.

So R shows up and I thought I would be training him on my office computer but an opening in our computer room appeared and I nabbed it for the afternoon. R was very professional, flashing that million-dollar smile and giving me a firm and warm handshake as he expressed for the first time his appreciation for my time and the special attention. A-hem. The desire to wrap my arms around him and kiss him was tremendous but I did in fact remain professional and not at all sexual harrass-y.

I must extol his intellectual prowess as he quickly picked up the concepts and navigational techniques of the system. His questions were intelligent and more often than not provided the perfect segue into the next function of the system.

But alas! All good things must come to an end and so it was with my admiration for him. As he practiced what he'd learned I had to stop him and explain the errors of his entries. I started seeing him in a different light...there was a slight hint of smarminess. And he remained professional throughout the 3 1/2 hour session. DAMN HIM. I was hoping he would let his guard down so we could have a normal conversation. But it wasn't to happen. I only made one slightly inappropriate comment and I only touched his arm twice. Or was it three times? (I often touch a person's arm or shoulder to emphasis a point.)

Over all it went well and he thanked me a couple of more times. *sigh* SO adorable even if he really isn't my type (ya'll know "my" type). And the miracle is I didn't think about him once he left. So what I thought was a mini-crush developing turned out to be just professional admiration.

Oh did I mention how cute his butt looked while he walked away from me?? LMFAO!!



Howard said...

Where's the pictures of that butt walking away.

Mark in DE said...

Thanks for the update! What a model professional you are. :-)