08 August 2009

Strike Three!

It was announced that the Oakland A's have given Jason Giambi his walking papers. Always a controversial player (maybe not as controversial as Jose Conseco), Giambi, a bad boy of baseball, went to my alma mater, California State University-Long Beach. Not at the same time, of course. I always thought he was kind of hot in a sleezy playah kind of way with a cool tat. My friend's son played Triple A ball and knows the Gimabi boys; unfortunately my friend's son didn't sign a contract, thus ending his baseball career on his own. Not sure which is best: do it yourself or let the organization do it. It will be interesting to see where he lands. Perhaps as a commentator for Fox Sports News? BEHR HUGS!

1 comment:

David Dust said...

I always liked him when he played for the Yankees - and I always thought he was sexy.