07 August 2009

Furry-Faced Friday

I've always wished I could grow a full thick beard. Unfortunately, my Anglo-German genes have other things in mind. As a kid, I was fascinated by facial hair, most likely because my father and older brother were always clean shaven. My preference for facial hair remains to this day. A therapist would probably tell me it has to do with an association between facial hair and masculinity. So be it. I love a good beard, goatee, and/or moustache. I hope you enjoy these examples of furry-faced masculine men. BEHR HUGS!


Howard said...

Oh yeah.

Larry Ohio said...

God I love men with beards! I'm with you Behr, I just can't grow facial hair. None. Zip. Zero. God has cursed me. Maybe that's why I lust after every man I see that has so much as a single whiskers on his face.

Mark in DE said...

We have a lot in common!