31 January 2010

Sunday Favorite 19

I believe that this photo is a still from porn; it seems I've seen it somewhere before. I want to say Titan's Heat, but don't quote me on that. Regardless of whether it comes from porn or not, the still tells a story. First, the guy is hunky. 'nuff said there. He's carrying a gas can so it's assumed his vehicle has run out of gas somewhere. That he's teetering on the rail shows he's not that concerned about getting his gas tank refilled. It's playful, sexy, and yet stark. I just think it's a fun picture.

I'm over my weirdness from Friday night. In the reality of sunshine, any thought I had about contacting a certain someone dissipated. Your comments helped too!

This morning it's cool outside and foggy. It's almost 9 am and no sign of the sun. Definitely long sleeve weather. Hopefully the sun will eventually peek out.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday. BEHR HUGS!!


Howard said...

We have snow on the ground here, so count your blessings. And speaking of blessings, if I could find him hitching a ride ot get some gas, I would be in heaven!

Stan said...

He's definately hot as hell but can't place him or that scene in any porn I've ever seen. A body to die for!

Mark in DE said...

Shirtless, hair-chested, muscular, and scruffy-faced. What's not to love?!?!