21 January 2010

Thursday Daddies

For your viewing pleasure today I present these three daddies. I thankfully subscribe to a yahoo group that periodically provides me with member submissions of hot men. For the next few weeks I'll be drawing from that selection.

If I didn't say this before, I want to thank everyone for your good thoughts, support, and wishes for a speedy return. I feel so loved!!

So Cal is in the midst of an El Nino which basically means bucketfuls of rain. Although we need the rain we don't need the tornado watch (yes for real), the flooding, or the arctic temperatures. We're never happy.

Here's hoping everyone is healthy, happy, and warm. BEHR HUGS!!


Larry Ohio said...

Mmmm, we have the same taste in men.

Howard said...

Yummy! And so nice to have you back!

Steve said...

Wooof... I'll take all three ... Stay dry

Stan said...

some hot looking bears! stay out of the mud too!

Mark in DE said...

Woof indeed! ;-)