21 January 2010

Good Read Followup

In an earlier post, I shared two good reads by author Mark Abramson: Beach Reading and Cold Serial Murder. While I was without internet, I read his third novel in the series, Russian River Rat.

This novel continues the saga of Tim Snow and his circle of friends and family. Tim has moved into his dead ex’s house and is now dating Nick. The new boyfriends, although in the throes of love, begin having miscommunication problems as a result of Nick’s cousin being found naked and drowned in the Russian River and the appearance of Phil, a mysterious man from Tim’s past. A series of accidents lands Tim in the hospital and his Aunt Ruth, who has moved into Tim’s old apartment, tries to ferret out the instigator before more harm can be done.

Mr. Abramsom brings the colorful world of the Castro, SoMa, the Russian River, and San Francisco to life and rounds out secondary characters introduced in the previous novels. We meet them all: drag queens, leather queens, bears, meth addicts, trannies, and straights. The author’s use of humor is a nice contrast to the excitement of the action. I recommend Russian River Rat whole-heartedly! BEHR HUGS!!


Michael Rivers said...

I'll have to look for it!

Howard said...

Damn, I remember when I used to read all the time. Now I watch tennis on TV, wantonly lusting for the young men.