08 January 2010

Quick Update

Just checking in to say I'm still alive. I hate not having access to all of the wonderful blogs I follow...only those that aren't restricted by content can I see when at work. I'm postponing purchasing a new device until after I pay off my American Express card. A friend will help me decide what to get. I'm definitely going the Mac route just not sure yet about notebook vs desktop. The only good thing about my situation is I'm spending more time catching up on my reading.

A big thank you to Mark in DE for keeping me in mind by sending me emails; I appreciate it buddy!



Howard said...

To quote Miss Janet Jackson, 'I Miss You Much!'

Hope you rejoin the blogging soon.

Hugs N Kisses.

Mark in DE said...

I got your back, Behrmark!! :-)

Wonder Man said...

You will love the Mac, I love mine. hurry back

mistress maddie said...

Not to worry, we will hang in there till your back! Some of my friends have MACS and love them.

Kyle said...

Mark, glad to hear from you! I think you will be very happy with a MAC.

Dwight Supremacy said...

Yep! I love my Mac. Can't wait to welcome you to the family!