09 June 2009

Tattoo Tuesday

Welcome to Tattoo Tuesday! I have always been fascinated by the body art form of tattoos. The hours and pain that it takes to accomplish the end result amazes me to no end. I personally have no tattoos although I have thought about a small one discreetly placed.

When the tattoos are coupled with piercings then I'm really fascinated. And yes...the Behr has one piercing (and he's not telling where!).

Since the world of tattoos can be about color, this weekly feature will be in color unless the original pic is in black-and-white. Check out the patterns, colors, and how the tattoos can enhance - or even detract - from muscles and fur. I hope you enjoy the images in the forthcoming posts.

1 comment:

Michael Rivers said...

Great picture. Beautiful work. This will be a great weekly series!