18 June 2009

This Just In

Billy Joel is splitting from his wife of 5 years, Katie Lee Joel.
So it's okay for a 60-year old man to divorce his 27-year old wife but the LGBT community cannot get married because WE threaten the sanctity of marriage.
Don't get me wrong - love BJ's music. And up until now had no comment on his personal life.
But for every heterosexual divorce, the voice of hypocrisy gets louder.


David Dust said...

Maybe gay marriage threatened the sanctity of their opposite marriage - so they just decided to get divorced. I'm SURE it's somehow our fault!


Howard said...

Somehow, I think their marriage was truly threatened by substances ingested and the possible loss of income due to driving issues, but I could be wrong. Or maybe after touring with Elton, Billy decided he couldn't be married while others were refused that same right.

Or maybe the old drunken codger couldn't get it up any more.