16 June 2009

Random Behr Blather...Okay Behr Tirade!

Okay so let me first say that I am not a Lakers fan. In fact, I'm not much of a basketball fan. Oh sure, I played in junior high (I was horrible) and went to many high school basketball games. But as a general rule, I'd rather watch paint dry than a basketball game.

I think a lot of my dismay at the game is because there's so much made of a handful of players. Kobe. Shaq. Chamberlain. Uh...some others. And especially the basketball "stars" of today. These guys make millions...but it's not like they are rescuing people from fires, protecting us, curing sick people or looking for a cancer cure. They play a game. Kobe Bryant has an "off" night and O-M-G! it's the end of the freakin' world. (Not.) The Lakers lose a game and we may as well all commit harikari. Because God forbid anyone think of them as humans rather than gods.

And let's take a moment to reflect on the Laker fan's reaction to their team's success in the NBA finals: they hooted, they hollered, the set trash cans on fire, they overturned a bus, they tried to overturn a police car...WTF?! It happens every single time. And what does the City of Angels do? Throws a g-ddam parade (scheduled for tomorrow morning)! It's outrageous! The freakin' fans are nothing more than hoodlums and vandals. (read: gang members). I personally oppose a parade for the Lakers. They threw a flippin' ball through a flippin' net! IT'S AN EFFING GAME!!

Now if the Lakers spent their half of the $2million for tomorrow's parade on...oh let's say...cancer research or infusing the money into South LA (formerly known as South Central...same diff) THEN they MIGHT be worthy of a parade.

[takes deep behr breath]
[steps down from soapbox]

In this world where people are losing their jobs and homes, where people are starving and homeless, where people are suffering from tyrannical government leaders, where people are struggling to make it paycheck-to-paycheck...do we really need a $2million parade? For a basketball team?

I think not.

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Howard said...

While certainly not a reason to have it, at least part of that $2 Million goes back into the community. But I really can't watch basketball myself, and find the salaries of most professional athletes.