26 June 2009

Furry Faced Friday

I have a confession to make. I have a beard fetish. A man can be as ugly as sin but if he has a beard or goatee I will think he's the hottest thing since Sam Elliott starred in Lifeguard. Seriously. There's something about facial hair that just makes.the.man. And the thicker the better. Maybe it's a throwback to the whole furry face = masculinity = virility thing. Maybe because a bearded man just looks manly. And if we're going to do Dr. Eve's masturbation exercises then we should be able to fantasize about someone manly, right? (Sorry, I stepped away for a moment.) Presented here for your pleasure are some furry faced manly men. BEHR HUGS!


Howard said...

Any dream will do, at least so says Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Mark in DE said...