05 September 2009

Sunday Favorite

I hope everyone is enjoying his/her Labor Day weekend. Today (Sat) I got the new window in - hurrah! It looks fantastic and overall was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Especially with my 79-year old father helping. I love him dearly and he would do anything for me but sometimes we fight like cats and dogs when doing projects. He's a very methodical and patient man. I'm the complete opposite. But we got alone really well the past two days. Tomorrow I plan to primer the bare wood molding as well as some other accidental nicks on the window sill. I got a little carried away swinging that hammer! Hopefully Monday I can paint the molding and be done until the following weekend when I plan to install the new small a/c. I also need to shop for new window treatment. *sigh*

So I had a little brain child. I have some specific pictures saved for a special day to share. These pictures move me in one way or another. Most are of incredibly hot men. (Bet no one saw that one coming!) Anyway, I decided that each Sunday I would post a favorite picture.

Today's was found recently on the Internet somewhere. It looks like a designer jean ad to me. It may be just the composition. I like this picture because a) the men are incredibly hot; b) it invokes kind of an old-fashioned feeling although obviously modern; and c) the men are incredibly hot. Oh, did I repeat myself? Sorry! I've saved this one as my current wallpaper on my PC. Every time I look at it I see something different or at least in a different light. So that's the Sunday Favorite for this week.


Will said...

Those men are so incredible as to almost not look real. I'm delighted you started this feature--I obviously started reading you at a very good time!

Howard said...

oh, yummy!

Mark in DE said...

Congrats on the window installation! Love today's photo.