02 September 2009

Black and White: Art

I forget where I found these pictures...and they contrast my earlier post about maturity winning over youth...but they are so tremendous. The file name says Jan Krum...I couldn't find anything about him/her. I hope you enjoy them as the week winds down. BEHR HUGS!


Michael Rivers said...

It is beautiful work. Love the guys in the trees. Great and unusual visual.

Howard said...

Nice pictures, but I think I would prefer Daddy Ed.

Will said...

You couldn't find Jan Krum because there is none. I looked at the name on the top of the pictures and thought, what if it isn't Jan Krum l06, but Jan Kruml 06, googled Jan Kruml and there he was:

Jan Kruml is a fashion, advertising and documentary photographer based in Prague where he runs his own 300 m2 studio photo-factory.cz He has done work for several advertising and fashion agencies, as well as travel agency brochures. Jan also specializes in black and white fine art photography.
In '99 he set up the movie crews that filmed four documentaries focusing on the ancient art of weaving Anatolian carpets. The highly acclaimed documentaries were aired on Czech Television. Jan is currently working on new film projects.
His exhibition about the Easter celebrations in Western Ukraine was exhibited at the end of 2001 in Prague's Gallery Manes. Jan's latest exhibit, of fine art male nudes, was displayed at the Gallery Radost FX in Prague from march until october of 2002.
Jan is fluent in English, French, Russian and Turkish, as well as his native Czech.

behrmark said...

@Will: You're my hero! Thanks for the sleuth job and informative bio of Jan Kruml. Behr Hugs!

Will said...

My pleasure, behrmark. I'd be even happier if I'd been able to find some more of his b&w "fine art photography." I didn't find any on his site; everything else of his I did find is very good commercial photography but that's all.

Anyway, thanks for those images!