16 September 2009

Thursday Black and White

The week is barreling toward an end and I must say I'm delighted. Soon we'll be into October and I will be taking vacation time. I haven't decided what to do or if I'm going to go somewhere for a few days. I feel the need to get away, to escape. I'm thinking Central California. I would go to San Francisco but I go there frequently for work, in fact will be there in December. It would be nice to go as a tourista versus for work though. I'll have to give it some thought. BEHR HUGS!!


Howard said...

I say go to NYC, and take part in the Drunken Dust-Bunny Weekend II.

The men, as always, are gorgeous.

Mark in DE said...

I agree with Howard! Oct 23-25, NYC. It would be GREAT to finally meet in person and scope out all the NYC hotties. :-)