15 September 2009

David Dust's Boyfriend

I wanted to share these photos of Juan Jose Bracho a/k/a David Dust's boyfriend. Why am I sharing them with the world? Why am I not sending them only to him? Because David learned at an early age that it's nice to share. But only as long as you look and don't touch.

Seriously, David Dust has been a great mentor to Behr Blather, which is greatly appreciated. His ability to make all readers feel warm and fuzzy is a rare trait. I wanted to publicly thank him. BEHR HUGS DAVID!!

PS: This shout out has nothing to do with my winning the bunny creamer!


David Dust said...

Sweet Baby Jeebus ... J.J.B. is just so impossibly gorgeous!!!

You are so sweet ... thanks for the kind words - and the hot pics!!!


Anonymous said...


Howard said...

ROFLMAO - and he is stunning!

Mark in DE said...

JJB is so hot it hurts! DD ain't to shabby neither. :-)