01 September 2009

Wednesday Wonder: Ari Levanael

Today's photo essay (of sorts) is of Ari Levanael, who is an aerialist. He's also furry and tattooed and has the most intense and beautiful gaze. I found him over on Beautiful; check it out if you get the chance (warning: NSFW). Amazing photos of amazing men. Back to Ari - as you can see he is a very healthy-looking man. The tattoos, I believe, represent his interest in paganism and Wicca, which began at an early age. Take a gander on the Beautiful entry, it tells more about the man. In the meantime, just sit back here and drink in the wonder that is Ari. BEHR HUGS!!


Will said...

This man is just gorgeous--a shame we can't have the final seven or eight inches of him in these pictures.

Mark in DE said...

The cowboy hat and baseball cap pics are my fave. He's a smokin' hottie!

ari said...

Im flattered!