04 September 2009

Hoodie Saturday

SATURDAY! As I mentioned, I took yesterday off as a vacation day. I almost got the window swap done. As I and my father were trying to remove the old window it appeared the exterior molding was brittle - and it was. Part of it had dry rot. So rather than install the new window with the existing molding we decided it would be best to install new molding as well. So that's what we did: removed the old molding (including the nails holding it in place) and measured for accuracy. We went to Homo Depot and got new molding. We did place the new window in place just as a "let's make sure we're doing it correctly move." Also, I can sleep safely without worrying about some pervert entering my bedroom to take advantage of me while I slumber. *wink*wink* Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the lab (blood/urine test) for which I must fast. I can only drink water and I'm feeling peckish already. After a big breakfast post-lab appointment, we'll finish the window job. I probably will wait to put in the a/c as I expect the window to take most of the day.

Now onto today's pictorial: hoodies. Yes I know that here on the West coast we're sweltering just like many other places in the country. But these men are so dang sexy I could not resist sharing. I especially like the guy in the sleeveless teal hoodie in picture 7. Grrrrr. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. BEHR HUGS!!


Michael Rivers said...

Hoodies are so damned sexy. As these photos prove!

Howard said...

Pictures #1 & #8 do it most for me, although several others could come back in my dreams tonight.

David Dust said...

You are so butch with your Homo Depot and your window molding. Someone should make you an honorary Lesbian!

Great pics - I LOVES ME a man in a hoodie.