20 September 2009

Monday Daddies

To get the week started....daddies. Just look at them; need I say more?

I watched most of the Emmys last night; was it me or did the show seem to drag? As much as I like NPH, it felt as if he truly was bitter about losing. Maybe he's a better actor than I give him credit. Just a couple quick comments: ECSTATIC that Kristen Chenoweth won for "Pushing Daisies." I cried when I heard that PD was canceled. Sigourney Weaver looked HOT...hot enough to make me want to be a lesbian. Hope you all enjoyed the show...BEHR HUGS!!


Howard said...

I'm telling you, I will enter the contest for a date with any of these guys, just tell me what to do!

Mark in DE said...