19 August 2011

Bear Has Another Grand Day Out

Saturday! And Bear's third full day in the Los Angeles area. We've already packed so much into our days that it's a wonder we can do more. But we do! Today's post has few pictures but some of them are outstanding! Don't cheat and look...read all the way through!

We slept in a little bit from our night out and when we woke up, just had coffee. We were still a bit full from our late night post-drinking food binge. Bear jumped onto the Macbook and caught up with friends until I finally told him we needed to get ready. We showered and headed off back to Hollywood!

On our way we ran into some traffic. I suddenly had a brilliant idea! I drove to the parking structure in downtown LA where we parked on Bear's first day...I still had parking validations since this is the structure used by the company for which I work. We walked the 2-3 blocks to the Red Line, which is an underground light rail system. We didn't have to wait long before our train came. We were watching the clock; I had originally thought we had plenty of time but as it turns out we were running it close. The Red Line trip, however, took less time than I anticipated and soon we were exiting at Hollywood/Highland.

Our goal? Grauman's Chinese Theater! Here's an Internet picture of the exterior.

Bear had purchased tickets for the 1:30 pm showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. II in 3D.

Now our previous catch-up day of HPHBP and HPDH1 makes sense, right? Bear hadn't seen the final movie (I had but was more than willing to see it again) and what better place to see it than in an iconic theater? Especially in surroundings such as this:

We sat at the very back, actually in the handicap section! There were two seats together and it was just perfect. We had time to purchase snacks, use the toilet (it was downstairs and very modern), and locate good seats. I doubt we could have made this all happen so perfectly again if we tried!

We both enjoyed the movie and I was VERY happy that Bear enjoyed it. (If you missed my post about the movie, click here.) I was also very happy that Bear did not follow through on his threat to cheer when Dobby died!

After the movie we stayed inside the theater for a few minutes and just soaked up the atmosphere and the incredible detail of the interior design. Bear's comment: "It makes the Castro Theater look like the Opera Plaza!" I think this is an inside SF movie theater observation because I could only smile.

When we left, we went back to the Kodak theater area to look once again at the Intolerance-themed plaza. We had inadvertently forgotten the camera so therefore no pics. Despite the absence of pictures, it did happen. We strolled down Hollywood Blvd and for the life of me I cannot recall our destination or if we had one. Finally, Bear started mentioning he was hungry. So using my iPhone, I searched for vegetarian restaurants. All the listings came up blocks/miles away and since we were on foot, that didn't make much sense. Finally I located a place that we were practically in front of! It was a Mexican restaurant - Loteria Grill. We were greeted and seated immediately, given menus, and had our beverage order (margaritas!) taken all within 10 minutes. We were already impressed. Bear had the cheese enchiladas in mole and I had the chicken enchiladas suiza. Our food came quickly but was fresh, beautifully plated, and delicious! The nice part was that, although we both had a cup of black beans, his rice side was different than my rice side; it was nice that some thought went into the entire meal rather than serving one standard set of sides. The waitstaff was friendly and treated us as locals, not tourists. It may have been that we were so laid back and non-demanding.

On our way back toward the Red Line station, we popped into a little hole-in-the-wall shop where we looked through all of their movie posters. Of course we had to comment on almost every movie and/or poster! I think he really wanted one or two but they were a bit pricey.

We soon realized that we needed to get a move on so we headed back to the Red Line. We arrived at our destination, walked back to the truck and - after a temporary delay with the demagnetization of the parking ticket, we were on our way. We were running slightly behind our schedule but not too bad.

We got back home and both just freshened up and changed clothes. We were heading out to the bar I normally frequent, Pistons. The theme for the night was Fur-ocity, sponsored by BearsLA. Attendees were encouraged to wear togas. I discovered after the fact that Bear would have been willing. Oh well. We picked up my friend Patrick (I've mentioned him before) and headed to the bar. Patrick had borrowed the fabric I used for my toga a few years back, which will play a pivotal role in our continuing story.

Because Bear was new, I tried to introduce him to the people I knew, not many to be honest. But that aside, Bear bought beer and we began to mingle and enjoy ourselves. Before I knew it, Bear and I were on our second pitcher of beer and having a good time. A guy I had met at the pool party a few weekends before took a shine to Bear and the two of them were off kissing. I'm not quite sure what happened but the next thing I knew, Bear was kissing someone else! This someone else was older, shorter, and furry and cute in that way that makes Bear think of CMS. I was bemused.

At one point, and honestly I'd lost track of time, I mentioned the toga contest to Patrick; he said he couldn't enter because he's on the Board of BearsLA. And he looked so cute! The next thing I know, Patrick is dressed in his street clothes and Bear is wearing the toga and will be entering the contest! Here's an up close picture of Bear wearing the toga. (Please do NOT lick your monitor screen!)

Here's a another look, post-contest I believe. (Please refrain from jizzing on your computer.)

I didn't have the camera and these were taken with my iPhone - I don't know why I didn't think of taking other pics - must have been the beer! Seriously, I wasn't drunk, just feeling relaxed. So Bear entered the contest and believe it or not he came in 2nd Place! And he won $50! Woo Hoo! Here's an afterthought...he didn't win because the two judges were the two guys he had been making out with. Karma is a bitch but I think Bear got the better deal.

Shortly after that, I received a text from a friend who asked if we were still at Pistons and he had a surprise. It turns out the surprise is his very cute boyfriend who I hadn't met. I was going to introduce them to Bear but he was otherwise "occupied" again with the older guy. Unfortunately, Patrick came up and said he wasn't feeling well and wanted to go. (Poor guy has since landed in the hospital and had his gallbladder removed.) After prying Bear from his new friend, telling him Patrick needed to go home, and making a decision as to whether he was coming with us or wanted me to come back for him, we left. The drive home was uneventful (I'd sobered up by this point) and Patrick was delivered to his front door safe and sound, if not in a little pain.

The trip from Patrick's to my house takes less than 10 minutes and by the time Mr. Sandman came it was about 3 a.m. And that is Bear's Saturday adventure!

Next up: Bear Goes Hollywood! Part II


Seth Rogaine said...

You forgot to mention the crush for Neville Longbottom that I acquired by watching Deathly Hallows Part 2! When the hell did he get so cute, huh?

RAD said...

oh my...Sounds like a busy and fun weekend ahead! Have a good one buddy!

Cubby said...

Making out with two perfect strangers in a bar? I guess I don't go to bars enough (like never).

I sounds like you had much more success this night than the previous one.

So how many guys did you snog?

behrmark said...

For your information, Bear did all the snogging. (And thanks for keeping it in the HP vernacular!) I, myself, did not....oh wait....


Wonder Man said...

every time we go to Pistons it's always dead.