20 August 2011

Bear Goes Hollywood! Part II

Sunday brought even more Hollywood adventures for the Bear. He had arranged to meet his friend E, a former coworker and San Franciscan who now lives in Hollywood with her boyfriend. So while I went to visit my parents as per usual, Bear returned to Hollywood to visit with her and explore other areas that we hadn't seen.

Because I wasn't there, I am only relaying this third hand. Unfortunately, Bear didn't recharge his phone and he didn't take the camera so the pictures are from the Internet.

Bear started out visiting E and her boyfriend at their apartment, which isn't too far from Hollywood Blvd. They caught up on all the gossip since E and her boyfriend had moved.

Bear and E then had lunch at The Waffle. It is known for being open late on the weekends and its unique waffles. Here's a funny story: the next evening Bear was in a panic because his poop was red! Then he remembered he had red velvet waffles and his panic vanished.

After eating, they wandered along a part of Sunset Blvd, where they popped their heads into Amoeba Music. Now, Bear says they only looked in but knowing him they spent time browsing!
Bear and E evidently wandered around the Sunset Blvd, Vine St, Hollywood Blvd. area. Bear took E over to Grauman's Chinese theater; she's been living in Hollywood for a few months now but hadn't been by there, probably because it is a tourist trap. Bear convinced her that she and her boyfriend should see Final Destination 5 there; Bear says they did and they were both thrilled with the interior of the theater.

In the late afternoon, I picked Bear up at Union Station. He had exited the Red Line at the opposite end of where I parked and so I was able to show him the original station and the main waiting area. We drove back to the house and relaxed together, catching up on our separate adventures of the day and recapping the night before. Bear took a shower since he'd been wandering around in the heat and we then went to dinner. We returned to Scotty's where Bear had the Tuna Melt and I had the pot roast dinner.

Back at the house we cuddled on the couch and attempted to watch Sunset Blvd.

Needless to say, we both dozed off and stopped the movie at one point and went to bed. I was glad that Bear was able to spend time with his friend and see another part of Hollywood. I believe that the time apart on Sunday only enhanced his last full day here in So Cal.

Up Next: Bear Gets Magical!


Stan said...

you are such a good host.

Wonder Man said...

I love the Waffle. It's where I take all my friends from home