18 August 2011

Bear Catches Up

Let me start today's recap by saying a big THANK YOU for the extremely nice comments to yesterday's post; I was rather proud of it and was delighted to see some of you weigh in. And one of your comments made this Behr get misty-eyed!

Onto Day 2 of Bear's Vacation: Bear Catches Up.

Because we spent so much time on our feet on Thursday, Bear decided we should spend Friday in a semi-recumbent position. Oh come on! Keep it out of the gutter. When Bear and I started planning his little vacation, we talked about a lot of things we wanted to do, one of which was to cuddle and watch movies. To recuperate from our Hollywood adventure, that's what he decided we would do. (And this post is short of pictures.)

We started off however by having breakfast at Scotty's, a family-owned restaurant just up the street from where I live. Now, this place is wonderful. Never have I been in there and felt an impersonal ambiance. And this day was no different. We walked in and Cheryl, the wife, called out a greeting of "Hi Sweetie how have you been?" She rushed right over, threw her arms around me, and kissed my cheek. She looked at Bear and said "You're eating with him??" then threw her arms around him. Not sure if she bussed him on the cheek or not but I wouldn't be surprised. I'm glad that I warned him about the way you're treated at Scotty's. I should mention that the food isn't bad either! So we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and on the way out I stopped to kiss Cheryl and said sotto vocce in front of a table of obvious first-timers, "You never leave here hungry." Talk about scoring points with the owner! I think her husband overheard me too.

I made more coffee when we got home and we cuddled up on the sofa to watch Bear's first choice movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

Next up, after that, was the latest Harry Potter to be released on DVD, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. I:

This is where the "catches up" part of the blog comes into play. Bear had not seen the last two films released on DVD, nor of course, the final film. Naturally we talked about related topics such as Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe's stint in Equus.

After the second movie, Bear took a little nonny in the bedroom and I just stretched out on the couch. After a while we took our respective showers, got dressed and headed out for a night of bear bar hopping.

On our way to our first bar in Silverlake, we stopped at a place called Cafe 50's. Let's just say that this was THE worst dining experience we had the entire time Bear was here. The service was slow and I'm not convinced we weren't the victims of racial discrimination.

That aside, the walls of the main dining area were decorated with album covers of various artists. They had a little room called the Tiki Room, which was for "adults" mainly because of the suggestive posters:

After our somewhat disappointing dinner we headed to Eagle LA. The Eagle here is smaller than the recently closed San Francisco one, but I wanted Bear to experience it. We had a few beers and I was able to introduce him to a couple people I know. It was VERY crowded and we opted to leave and head over to our next stop, Faultline. I was slightly nervous about driving since I'd had a few beers but we made it a-okay.

Faultline used to be THE bar to go to and in some respects it still is. They have various themed nights so the crowds can vary. On this particular night it was uniform/fetish night I believe. And it was DEAD. Even the "go-go" dancers were barely moving. I think we had one beer before moving on. I should mentioned we'd gotten good about "checking in" on Facebook at the various places we were. A friend send me a message that we should go to another bar in the Silverlake area, MJs.

MJs, back in the day, was Woody's Hyperion, which was very popular. Now that it's MJs, it is crazy popular and I tell you: this bar gets its bear on! They play loud dance music and have a dance floor. Bear and I took advantage of the last 50 minutes they were open to cruise (I got to meet a newly friended friend from FB who dances at MJs) and dance! Neither of us is proud of our dance moves that night due to a state of slight inebriation. I haven't been dancing in ages and it was fun. I was just sorry that we didn't have more dance floor time. And despite the protestations coming from Bear...he really busted some moves!

When the music stopped and the house lights rose, we knew it was time to wander home. We decided to stop for something to eat...and so we hit a Denny's near the house. There's nothing like good diner food for an impending hangover!

After eating we went home and basically fell into bed.

I found this cartoon today:

I'm sharing it as part of this series because Winston took a dislike to Bear. I'm not sure if it was because he arrived with smells that Winston is not used to or just because his home was being invaded. Nevertheless, Winston alternately hissed, growled, and chased Bear. You've not seen anything until you've seen a grown man backing away from a cat then turning and running to jump on the bed to avoid the claws! Hilarious! (Sorry, Bear!) Eventually they made a silent truce of sorts until Bear left then all bets were off. Anyway, I thought the cat carrying the bear was cute and it made me think of my Winston and Bear.

So that's about all for Day 2 of Bear's Vacation. Up next: Bear Has Another Grand Day Out


Cubby said...

Winston *chased* Bear? Whatever you do, don't tell me Bear squealed. I just don't want to know that.

Where are the pics from the bars? No pics = no proof.

Stan said...

Sounds like a good time. Be carefull! There's an all out campaign back here in the East right now to clamp down and catch drunk drivers through various check points they're setting up now through Sept 5th labor day weekend.