03 August 2011

Emotional Day

It's been a rough one, dear followers.

First off, as I've mentioned, my friend flies in tonight and will spend an extended weekend with me. I'm excited about it and I have fingers crossed he'll have a good time.

Second, we were informed this morning at work that a coworker passed away last night. She had been battling cancer for the third time. Her husband thinks her body just could not take any more of the treatment and gave up. She was a wonderful woman, literally loved by every colleague of the company. She was smart, beautiful, insightful, and fun. Pink is her signature color! I will miss her tremendously because she believed in me and helped to mentor me when I first joined the department. My prayers go out to her husband, son, daughter, son-in-law, and grandson and her extended family and friends.

So I've had battling emotions today. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. I've done a bit of both. If you think about it, please send good vibes. Thanks.



David Dust said...

Just go with the flow this weekend. Don't try so hard - just try and let it happen - whatever "it" may be.

And I'm so sorry to hear about your coworker ((hugs))


Stan said...

I hate when people I know pass away. A lot of my friends that I miss a lot are gone. They live on in our hearts though. Sorry to hear about your co-worker. Sending good vibes your way Mark.

Cubby said...

I'm very sorry to learn about your coworker. May she rest in peace.

Kyle said...

It's okay to be torn; you don't have to choose Mark. You have one really amazing thing going on and one that we all don't relish. Just feel what you need to feel and don't let either overshadow the other. You have a right to be elated and to be sad.

Mark in DE said...

It was the morning of the day we were leaving for our long-awaited Bear Cruise that I had to say goodbye to my dear Pouncer. My excitement about the trip was tempered by my tears over my beloved pet, so I think I understand how you are feeling. Try to concentrate on the positives of the day/weekend but let yourself feel and be human.

Big Bear Hugs!

Beartoast said...

I'm sad about your friend. In two months, I've buried 3 folk younger than me. One was truly a friend. Tough stuff.

But have a fun weekend and been real with your feelings.

Wonder Man said...

sorry to hear about that, hugz to you

CJ/Rick said...

Sorry to learn of the loss of your well thought of colleague.
But on the upside of this emotional rollercoaster, I hope your week with friend has been a fun one with great memories.