26 October 2012

Behrmark's 2012 Hallowe'en Costume Ideas

 Although Hallowe'en isn't until next Wednesday, many celebrants will be dressing up this weekend to attend parties, street fairs, and parades. If you're still undecided as to what costume to wear, here are some ideas - most are simple, some are a little more elaborate - but all guaranteed to get you noticed!

Drape a piece of cloth around your body to make a sexy toga. Finish the look with gold wrist cuffs.
Overalls always make a great, simple costume. Top it off with a hard hat and voila! You're a construction worker!
You may opt to leave the hard hat at home to free up your hands.
A red union suit always makes a sexy costume.
A bit more elaborate, the fireman daddy is sure to be a hit. Of course it helps if you already have all the gear to pull it off.
A simpler fireman look may be less expensive. (Hose not included.)
Since the economy has hit many of us hard, a simple festive option is to don an orange tie. Pair it with your favorite jockstrap, jeans, or slacks for a classier look.
Who can resist playing Santa?
Don a pair of green leather coveralls and BAM! Hammer time!
A leather mask from a Renaissance Faire adds the right hint of mystery. 
Remember Goldie Hawn in "Protocol?" Take that checkered napkin (or table cloth) and you have instant sheik!
Your fetish wear makes a swell costume, too!
Fabric is a terrific starting point; tie it around your face and let it flow behind you, and you have a mysterious caliph. (Silk works best for this look.)
Finally, a butcher's apron can be imagined into a costume too. Splatter fake blood over it and carry a cleaver. Or maybe just wear it alone as Jake Mitchell is.

So there you have it - Behrmark's 2012 Hallowe'en Costume suggestions. Happy haunting!



Stan said...

These are great costume ideas. I just wish they would all come callin' at my door on Halloween. I don't have candy but I've got a trick for them that they'd feel is a real treat!

Cubby said...

Mmm the pic with the orange tie is best. I could suck on that nip all night.

Wonder Man said...

they are all hot ideas, what did you do?

Mark in DE said...

Mmmm, the toga man is HOT!!!