27 October 2012

Behr Movie: Hellbent

I'm not much of a horror fan but something compelled me to obtain Hellbent (2004) from Netflix, perhaps because it's billed as a "gay horror" film. I actually liked this movie despite it being a bit predictable and not that scary. 

Basically it's the story of a serial killer targeting gay men on Halloween in West Hollywood. The movie starts with the murder of two gay men in a car the night before Halloween. The remainder of the movie follows five friends as they celebrate Halloween and their run in with the killer. There's a visit to a fetish club (Colton Ford makes an uncredited appearance), the street celebration in WeHo, and of course the climax in the main character's apartment. 

The main characters are all attractive, of course, especially the bisexual Chaz (imo). Even the killer has an awesome bod.

The only drawback is the weapon is called a knife by the characters when in fact it is a sickle:

Now that's a wicked weapon!

There's great rock/punk music provided by Pansy Division, Nick Name, and Three Dollar Bill. There's blood, of course, and a few "scares" that the seasoned horror fans will yawn at. The ending is the best part, which sets up a possible sequel. And in case you're wondering there is definitely eye candy. Lots of eye candy.

The DVD includes a nice little featurette that includes clips of the movie and the cast and production team discussing various elements. It's obvious from this that the makers are not gay filmmakers; Joseph Wolf, Executive Producer, talks about how "gay people are just people." Steven J Wolfe, Producer, talks about discovering the huge gay horror fan base. Maybe it's all the negativity crap of the Presidential election going on but I found their comments to be heartening and supportive. 

All in all the movie is just plain fun. And with it being the Halloween season, it is a nice little movie to cuddle and watch with your favorite buddy. Did I mention there's eye candy?



Matthew Gregory said...

I've heard so many mixed things about this movie (more negative than positive), but I've always been a little curious. The novelty of a gay horror film is hard to pass up, especially one that plays it straight (so to speak) and doesn't camp it up.

Based on your write-up, I'm gonna finally check it out.

Thanks, behr. I needed that push.

Wonder Man said...

it was okay

Rick said...

I'm not big on horror but you might have sold me Mark. The last scary movie I saw was Alien ...I think.lol