07 November 2012

What Do You Know

America got it right! 

At least in my humble opinion. To be honest, I was nervous about this election because of the impact that a change in administration would have on our country, especially regarding social issues. Another bullet dodged, I believe.

Hopefully with the reelection of President Obama our government will have little interruption. Oh sure, there are new congressmen and senators to orientate but there's no reason for a slow down in productivity.

And here's an odd thought: I really hope that President Obama foregoes an inaugural ball. The money spent on such "gala" events really are unnecessary expenses. A simple swearing in and parade should suffice, imho.

For now though, I'm proud of America.



Stan said...

Oh what a relief it is!

Matthew Gregory said...

Yay no Romney presidency!

Cubby said...

Last night turned out better than I could have possibly hoped. Viva Obama!