26 November 2012

Behr Catchup

I hope all of my American friends and followers had a nice Thanksgiving. I myself have a lot for which I'm thankful: my family, my home, my job, my friends.  I'm thankful my health situation isn't worse. I'm very thankful that I have Winston. 

Friday was my Mom's birthday. We all met at the movie theater in the morning and saw "Life of Pi." We saw it in 2D since 3D prices are outrageous and my Mom prefers 2D. Spectacular movie. Gorgeous cinematography. A thought-provoking, soul-touching story. Amazing acting, especially by newcomer Suraj Sharma. I highly recommend this movie. I want to see it again so I can hopefully pick up on things I missed.

On Saturday I went to lunch and the cheap movies with a friend to see the Disney-Pixar movie "Brave." Who can resist Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, and Kelly McDonald voicing Scottish characters? It was cute and funny, on par with their other movies. Like the other movie, I'd like to see it again to catch the things I missed. For example, I totally missed the Pixar Pizza Planet truck and a hidden Mickey!

I have three full weeks of work before taking the last two weeks of December off. I'm hoping they go quickly and - most of all - painlessly.



Stan said...

thanks for the thumbs up on "Life of Pi." I'd like to see it. Don't work too hard and happy cruising on the transit line.

Cubby said...

I can't wait to see Life of Pi.

Mark in DE said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Wonder Man said...

I think I will see Life of Pi