09 November 2012

Behr Update

I've been somewhat absent due to dealing with some health issues and work being busy. The time change last weekend has thrown me for a loop as well. I've been falling asleep at the drop of a hat. It's dark when I leave for work and nearly dark when I get back home. Soon it will be dark. 

For those of you who have your own blogs, you know what it's like to get a threatening or rude comment. These comments usually are left by "Anonymous." In other words, a coward who cannot use either a moniker or a real name. I recently had one of these "hecklers" on my Behr Hunt post. I've heard from him again and I could not help but reply. I'm quite amused by this one. I invite you to click on the link and read the amusing comments. 

Monday is a Veteran's Day and therefore holiday for me. For some reason it snuck up on me. I have no plans but am hoping to do something, perhaps Disneyland or a movie. 

Or maybe I'll go take pictures of fully clothed men's backsides and post them on my blog.



Rick said...

I hope you have a great 3 day weekend. I know what you mean about the time change. Seems as if I'm on the run now more than ever.
Take care!

Wonder Man said...

Hecklers suck... Hope you are okay.