19 October 2012

Friday Friendship

The power of the Internet is an amazing thing...included in that are the various apps available on our smart phones. As shared in previous posts, I have a voyeuristic tendency, and thus my use of GROWLr, the app for bears, cubs, chasers, and others. 

I recently started communicating with a handsome guy who lives in Istanbul. Take a look:

We've moved from GROWLr to Bear411 (a social networking site) and Facebook (the ultimate social networking site). He's a very sweet, lovable, sincere man. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to wishing he lived closer.

I've also started chatting with someone else who is closer. From his GROWLr profile one would think he's only looking for hookups...but this second gentleman has professed a desire to get to know me as a friend. He says there's something about my picture that makes him shy and nervous, afraid of rejection, but also courageous enough to be whatever I want him to be and to give me whatever I want from him. (I will not mention his 11.5" appendage. Nope. Not even going to mention it.) He says I bring him feelings of joy and he thanks me for the positive vibe I give him.

So what's my point? My point is that despite what the conservatives and Far Right may say about us dirty homosexuals, we ARE capable of friendships that do not revolve around sex. Don't get me wrong...sex is good. It's great! It can be a marvelous bonding tool. But there's more to life - and more to relationships - than sex.

I recently posted about doing the Kidney Walk (this Sunday) and that I'm raising funds. I am truly touched by all those who made a donation. And no, I'm not trying to guilt anyone here...merely using this as an example of the love, friendship, and good will that exists among us. I feel an affinity for my followers and cyber friends. I may fantasize about them (did I say may??), but it's the friendship that makes me who I am. When I'm feeling melancholy I can turn to this here blog and will get those messages of encouragement and friendship from all over the globe.

So thank you...each and every one of you for what you give me. I love you all!



Stan said...

I feel the same way towards you my friend.
Big hugs,

Matthew Gregory said...

HUGS to you, behr!