07 October 2012


For those who grew up in Southern California, Sheriff John was a positive influence in the development of our moral characters and I have no doubt shaped us into good, upstanding citizens. His best-loved "Put Another Candle on your Birthday Cake" was one of his every-day ditties that none tired of hearing. From health tips to showing Crusader Rabbit cartoons, from the daily Pledge of Allegiance to introducing "city kids" to farm animals, John Rovick was a second father figure.

John passed away October 6, 2012. He had just turned 93 four days prior.



Stan said...

Never heard of him. Must have been a West Coast celebrity. Sorry he passed away but 93 is a long time. R.I.P.

Rick said...

I never heard of him either. Probably had a kind heart which attributed to his long life.