30 March 2014

Sunday Favorite: 95

Not much to report this morning except I felt three good aftershocks during the night. I slept better overall, which is good considering I hardly slept Friday night. Winston spent most of yesterday and last night under the bed. This morning he finally came out and ate. He's currently sacked out on the sofa about a foot or so away from me. Poor guy is just a wreck.

I upgraded my iPhone to the newest 7.1 iOS. Can't tell that it's made much difference.

On the other hand, I upgraded my Macbook to the new Maverick OS...not sure I'm liking it but I don't have much choice. Whereas in the previous version new windows opened, Maverick opens new pages in tabs. I learned the difficult way by closing the window and being back at a blank screen rather than the screen I started at. A little frustrating. Also, the scrolling bit is opposite so one scrolls up to move the screen down. At least I think that's what I'm doing. It probably won't take too long to adjust.

We're anticipating cooler and wetter weather this week. Something about April showers? 

Hope everyone is well. We're just hanging on, here.


1 comment:

Stan said...

Poor Winston indeed. They can usually tell what's coming before we even feel it.
I once saw a PBS special about how an increase in pets going "missing" even days before an earthquake strikes an area.