28 March 2014

I Feel the Earth...Move...Under My Feet

Here in the 'burbs east of Los Angeles we had an earthquake tonight. Actually...several. The first hit about 8:00pm and was about a 3.6, centered approximately 4 - 8 miles away from where I live. The second hit about an hour later...it has been downgraded to 5.1 but initially was a 5.4. You may not think three-tenths is much but when it comes to earthquakes....trust me...it matters. I've felt about 3 aftershocks.

The house just now shook again, a quick jolt. My heart is pounding! I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight. Winston is cowering under the pub table in the dining room; I prefer him there than under the bed. 

According to Dr. Lucy Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey, after a 20-year period of seismic inactivity we're just starting to get back to the high number of incidents.

GREAT. Just what I want, a bunch of earthquakes. Thankfully I took out earthquake insurance last year!

There are folks on Facebook making jokes about these temblors but it really isn't funny to those of us who have worked hard to buy a house and maintain it. If there really is a "BIG" one, my house will undoubtedly suffer major damage considering that it was built in 1950. Even with the EQ insurance, I couldn't afford to rebuild. I would lose everything. So I don't find them funny at all.

The Caltech/USGS folks are claiming we've had over 30 aftershocks. I believe it! Thankfully nothing broke in my house except maybe the cracks in the ceiling and walls are bigger.

That last jolt happened about a half hour ago and before that it was maybe an hour or so. There is more time between events (that I'm feeling) so fingers crossed that it's over!



Nik_TheGreek said...

Good luck. I hope it all goes well and the activity stopped.
Growing up in Greece I had some minor experience with earthquakes. They're not fun at all...

mistress maddie said...

I wish you luck and good thoughts. Just wondering another friend has loss his place twice and has if he loses it again, says he's moving out of state, another says she will stay but move to where they aren't as prevalent. What would you do?