09 March 2014

Behr Update

Last night - or this morning - we changed our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. I hate this "losing" an hour thing. I just wanted to sleep sleep sleep this morning. But unfortunately, I needed to get up and get things done today. I didn't get much done yesterday afternoon after I got home from SF.

So yeah...I am back from my work trip. I am so happy to be home. Winston is too. Oh he acted miffed for a while but he soon warmed up. He was so cute...he kept peeking around the wall to make sure I was still here. In the night I got up to pee and he was sitting in the hall. I picked him up and took him back to bed with me and he snuggled and sang. I totally missed that this last week.

Over all it was a good trip. There were some issues with the students in class not understanding concepts even though I explained it 5 times. I'm also not used to conducting training 5 days a week!

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency at the Embarcadero. Big beautiful hotel. Here's a view of the Atrium Lobby from my 6th floor room:

That's some weird sculpture and strands of lights that hang down over the Eclipse bar area. This lobby was famously seen in The Towering Inferno

I was upgraded to a room with a balcony because I was staying 6 nights. Here's part of the view from my balcony:

This is my Instagram pic taken last Sunday when it was overcast and drizzling. The prominent points of interest are the Vaillancourt Fountain and Pier 1. After I got settled in I wandered down to stroll around. Here's a picture of the famous Ferry building:

Again, this is an Instagram picture that I took. I wandered through the Ferry building and ended up eating at Gott's Roadside. I eventually wandered back to the hotel where I waited for Bear and his boyfriend who were coming over to watch the Oscars.

Oh yes...Bear has a boyfriend! I met him last year when I was last in the Bay area. He's a very nice guy and I like him. What is really nice is that he and I have become friends too. And except for the occasional odd moment when the two of them are exchanging endearments and kisses, I don't feel like a third wheel when I'm with them. And whenever they kiss or start get lovey-dovey I just say "GET A ROOM!" 

So what did you think of the Academy Awards? I like Ellen DeGeneres but found the ceremony a tad dull. I'm very happy that Cate Blanchett won Best Actress. More than that, I'm happy American Hustle got shut out. Hated that film! I haven't seen 12 Years a Slave or Dallas Buyers Club but plan to put them in my Netflix queue. I was sorry Judi Dench wasn't in attendance but I understand she's filming the sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in India.

A new sight in San Francisco is the Bay Bridge lights:

I took a picture when I first saw them:

I was walking back to the hotel from having dinner in Embarcadero One and saw the Bay Bridge lights (at the very back), the Ferry Building all lit up, and the Embarcadero "tulip" lights. The Bay Bridge lights are a programmed light show, patterns of light and dark are made along the entire span. Very interesting and fun to watch.

I had the chance to eat at some favorite places - Grubstake, Mel's Diner, Gott's, Ken's Kitchen- as well as trying a new places - Fuzio, Oasis Grill, Tia Maria's. For once I didn't really worry about money; I kept reloading my BART card to go from point A to point B (I also think the fare has increased since I was last there). Because of my gout and larger frame, walking long distances isn't possible. I rode the California Street cable car with Bear and Boyfriend, which is always a treat.

So that's about it. Today I'm finishing laundry and went to Trader Joe's to restock the fridge and pantry. It's beautiful outside here in the Los Angeles area. Although we need more rain it's nice to have sunshine after spending a week in the overcast and drizzly weather of SF.

Hope everyone is well. 


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Stan said...

Sounds like a good trip out there. How I wish I could be out there too.