02 March 2014

Behr Bits

I leave for San Francisco this morning. What was I thinking when I booked a 7am flight the morning after closing night of the theater?!

I'll be in SF for a week...Sunday through Saturday, doing the usual commuting to Alameda for the actual work part of the time. I'll be staying somewhere new for me...down in the Embarcadero area. Just hope I remember to get off BART at the proper station.

Tonight are the Oscars! I'm a little excited because I've seen a small handful of the movies. I'm a lot sad because I'll be SF in a hotel room and not at my friend's annual Oscar-viewing party. 

Here in the Los Angeles area we've had much needed rain. Yesterday saw colder temps, thunder and lightening, and periodic torrential downpours. It's been great. The only down side is I'm going to SF where - at last look - the forecast is for a week of rain.

So that's about it for now. I won't be taking my laptop. Just don't want to worry about lugging it around (it's a Macbook and a bit heavy). It also precludes looking at some sites like Blogger on my iPhone because it's just too damn small.

Enjoy your week!



Stan said...

Have fun in SF. Wish I was going even if it is raining. Anything to get away from this damn snow and cold weather.
Safe travels,

Matthew Gregory said...

Thank you for spending Oscar Sunday hanging out with me & Martin, behr! HUGS!

Rick said...

I hope that you've had a good week with some fun besides work.
How did you like the Oscars? Ellen is kind but I thought it was a bit boring.

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