13 March 2011

Sunday Favorite: 55

I like today's favorite for its sensuality and the spontaneity it evokes. The fact that the two guys appear to be average, middle-aged, thickening-around-the-middle guys makes this far hotter than a couple of buff porn stars. And who among us can resist a passionate kiss between two men?

I'm not going to lament the time change (for my American friends). We all hate it. It's a stupid idea. It's needless. But it is what it is.

On Tuesday I will be presenting a proposal to the company group that oversees the sales force about combining training classes and resources into one session. After it was all arranged I realized my presentation falls on the Ides of March. Should I be worried?



David Dust said...



Cubby said...

Good luck with the proposal.
I love the kissing men. I'd like to see more pics like this one.

mdlevipup said...

I know I post a lot of toned/muscular guys. Yeah they are hot to look at, but there is definitely something hot to be admired about the Average Joes. When you see those guys out they are definitely more approachable, and usually very nice guys.

Wonder Man said...

good luck, Mark

Stan said...

I totally agree with you about the average guy out here. As if I would ever approach a porn star like guy....yeah right!
Good luck Mark! You'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

What a sensual picture... and frankly, despite the fact I write erotica (and every story has to end with a bang) I love this slow buildup. Love it.

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