08 March 2011

Behr TV: RuPaul's Drag Race

As I've mentioned elsewhere and possibly here, I've been watching Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race on Hulu since I don't have cable/satellite TV. This morning I was very sad to see Delta Work sashay away.

You either love Delta or hate Delta. I fall into the first category. I love her look. Her makeup is impeccable. Her style is classy. Her humor has me laughing. She's absolutely beautiful. I loved her "read" of the other dragtestants in the Library because she didn't go for the obvious humor. I thought her chupacabra read of Yara was hysterical. In comparison, the others all commented on her size which, as Delta said, it obvious. I know it's how the tape is edited but she should have won that mini-challenge, not Shangela. I thought Delta looked absolutely beautiful last night on the runway.

A quick word about Shangela: Someone needs to bitch slap that smirk off her face. Yes, Delta may have gone home last night but no other dragtestant has been shown getting more love on her exit from the runway than she did. Delta's sashay away was NOT Shangela's doing. Shangela is second-rate in comparison to all of the others.

I will continue to root for Raja. I know there are those who dislike her but I love her outspokenness and her creative risks; her runway looks are stunning.

I may have the opportunity next week to see Delta perform live. I'm looking forward to experiencing her live. RuPaul's Season 3 will not be the same going forward.



CJ/Rick said...

I believe this is the only place I've seen this show mentioned. Since I don't have cable I will have to check it out on line as well. I didn't know what had happened to RuPaul. Now you say season 3? Mercy.
Have a good week.

behrmark said...

My bad...Hulu actually redirects you to Logo TV. You can still see the first two seasons as well as RuPaul's Drag University, where straight women are shown how to be drag queens!

Wonder Man said...

I kinda like Shangela

mistress maddie said...

I love Delta too and she ended up just about where I thought she would. She would probably have gone futher had she taken a risk or two more, and stopped second guessing herself. LOVE Raja! She just screams drag superstar. I think Alexis and carmen are coming to a end soon. And I do like yara but she has been under rader all season, so it will be intresting to see what she does now with so few left. My line up for final three woild be Raja, Yara and Manilla, but we could see Shangela in there as Ru seems to really like her. And you should go see Delta!!!!! How fun would that be.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I have liked Delta all along, but in that challenge, she just did not bring it. Based on that performance, she deserved to go home.