20 March 2011

Behr Pick: Spring

Happy First Day of Spring.

If I don't sound enthusiastic it's because this past week the Los Angeles area experienced wonderful sunshine and warmer daytime temperatures. And today it's cold and rainy. WTF?

Still....the flowers are starting to bloom and the grass is greening up. My roses look wonderful. I should have cut some for the house because they'll get beat to death with the rain and wind. Typical March weather I suppose.

Happy Spring. BEHR HUGS


mistress maddie said...

How come I don't have a big hunky man bringing me spring flowers like this at my door? Yes I think spring is coming my friend, no holding back now. It was in the 60 and 70's here most of the week, which is very early for these temps already but I'll take them! And how about DragRace last week. No one left. I sure didn't see that coming huh?

Wonder Man said...

It's been raining all day

CJ/Rick said...

Wind and rain in CA? Who'd a thought. I immediately thought of HBC's mother in "A Room With A View" attempting to tie up her roses in the wind. lol
Why not a picture of you holding a bouquet of your roses next time?
I hope you come down with Spring fever soon.;)

Nick said...

thanks for the flowers ;)

Stan said...

Happy Spring Mark! Weather is crazy on the East coast too. 70's one day 40's the next. I don't look forward to the heat though like last year. UGH!