16 March 2011

Behr Pick: Dan

Thank you to all who gave words of encouragement regarding my presentation that I was to give yesterday. Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled and therefore the presentation postponed as well. This wasn't too traumatic for me as I spent the day furiously working on another project for which my deliverable is EOM. So a two-week delay wasn't heartbreaking.

Aside from work, my life has been just as boring and dull as ever! I'm making good progress on Ken Follett's World Without End; it is the sequel to his Pillars of the Earth. I considered rereading that phenomenal novel first but opted not to; turns out it is set generations later with a whole new cast of characters. I'm enjoying it for the thread of actual history running through the story.

Other than that, not much to report. What's new in your world?



Nik_TheGreek said...

I didn't know about Ken Follett. Don't ask me how. The books you mention seem quite interesting. I'll definitely take a look at them when I finish the pile of books I have next to my bed of books I'm reading next...
News in my world? hmmmm
A developer erased part of my code some weeks ago because he thought it wasn't needed. That created some nasty bugs that I am now trying to fix... So, it's better not to ask. At least it's hump day... :-)

Cubby said...

Greg and I just finished watching Pillars of the Earth on Netflix Streaming the other day, and we loved it. I wished I knew how to read because I'd like to give the novel a try. :-)

Wonder Man said...

getting ready for my Hawaii trip

Beartoast said...

Pillars was great. read it years ago. Still want to read the "newer" one.

sometimes, boring can be good. Take care. Woof.