11 June 2014

Lazy Wednesday

I so wish I didn't have to go to work today....I'd love to just go back to bed and lounge the entire day. Especially if I were to find THIS hot bear in my bed. Woof!

Here's a quick Behr Update:

I've been doing fairly okay. I keep meaning to blog here but I get easily distra-SQUIRREL! 

Work has been going okay. I'm keeping busy which helps the day to move by a bit more quickly.

I've been seeing O a bit more again. We go through these cycles where we may text each other almost every friggin' day but don't physically see each other then suddenly it's almost every weekend we hang out. It's been nice, we've gone to the movies, checked out comic book stores, and of course cuddled and fucked. In fact, O was in the middle of pounding my ass last weekend when we were interrupted by my pest control company!

Winston is good. We haven't had quite the heatwave as predicted so he seems to be handling the weather okay. He's spending a lot of time under the bed, which I don't understand but when I get home from work he's very loving and talkative. I'm not sure if he's telling me about his day or complaining about something...but the talk is accompanied by purring so it could be vocalized love. 

That's about all I have. Peace out.



Stan said...

I feel the same way today. It's almost 2PM and I'm trying to kick my tired ass out the door to the gym. Everything seems to hurt today.
Good to hear from you and glad your getting some.

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

I can be lazy with you?