22 May 2011

Behr Sunday POV

Evidently the Rapture didn't happen. As you're all aware, Harold Camping predicted that those folks who were pure (or Christian or whatever) would be "taken" and the rest of us would be destroyed by earthquake. Camping is a nutcase and I think everyone - or almost everyone - knew it. I feel sorry for his followers who were insistent that it was going to happen. If Camping knew anything he'd know not to fuck with God. The Book of Revelations - presumably the same place Camping got his prediction - tells us that no one knows the day or hour. So a prediction for the end of the world is pretty lame. Still, I'm glad that it didn't happen because I like my life, even if I'm not the best person.

Today is the Gay Pride parade/event in Long Beach, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. This event has grown in size and I know many who attend it in lieu of attending the LA one because it is "nicer." So to my local gay brothers and lesbian sisters, Happy Pride. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and be safe.



Cubby said...

How much you want to bet they will now claim the volcanic eruption in Iceland is the beginning of the End Times?

Wonder Man said...

I was out there but the bars were overly packed