27 December 2010

The Monday After

This is how happy I am that we're through with the holiday....yesterday I de-Christmased the house! It's true: I can be a Scrooge when it comes to the holiday. My heart just hasn't been into it for the past few years. I don't know why this is, but once again it didn't "feel" like Christmas to me. I've had a difficult time "catching the spirit" if you know what I mean. I often chalk it up to being single. While I don't necessarily mind being single - and actually have accepted my singleness - I think the holidays are more enjoyable with someone in your life. In the past ten years, the three Christmases that stand out most are those when I was dating someone.

I have no New Year's plans. I've never been a big NYE person; some years I go to the movies but usually I stay home and play it safe. My friends Dan and Mark usually have a New Year's Day party but they've had to cancel this year due to health issues. I'm sad but of course I completely understand.

I'm on my last week of vacation. I am not finished with my garage project or front bedroom project but have made a little leeway. Not sure if I mentioned this (and I"m way too lazy to look back at my previous posts) but I had a new garage door installed. I had the old heavy wood door secured with springs replaced with a galvanized steel door that is on rollers and a pulley system. This is something I've been wanting to do and I finally took the opportunity. It all worked out well - from the estimate to installation. The new door really makes a difference to the property, too. So although it isn't something really exciting, it is an improvement to the property. It's also a helluva lot easier to open the garage door now, too! (Go on...admit it...you're jealous at the excitement that is my life.)

During my final week I want to hit the movies and Disneyland as well as continue working on the garage/front bedroom projects. Hopefully we'll have more days of good weather than bad. I'm afraid the week will fly by but so be it.

The best part has been that Winston loves that I'm home.



Wonder Man said...

Well you got us, the NYE won't be lonely

Stan said...

Your not alone Mark. I completely understand. There's no sign of Christmas here either. Never was. I just couldn't be bothered. I get the not having a special someone to celebrate the holidays with too. Like the Waitresses song says "Christmas by myself this year..."

Cubby said...

You can come here for NYE if you'd like. Don't forget to bring your voucher...

Mark in DE said...

I'm absolutely sure the reason you've had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit is because you haven't played enough Christmas music or drank enough egg nog. Next year I recommend you do both more often and have yourself a merry little Christmas!