13 December 2010

Behr Pain

I woke up this morning with a migraine.

Just my luck...it's the first Monday of my vacation and the forecast is for beautiful weather. Ugh. I'm fairly certain a lot of it has to do with my panic over Christmas. Plus the stress of last week's work situation.

So today is a brief post.



PAU said...

I´m sure that you headache is passing through soon BEHR, so you are fully enjoying your vacation .
hehehe.. we should create a group with the name "XMAS SCARE" heheheh.
nice and veryb descriptive pic, by the way..
Get well soon, BEHRCITO!!
this time instead of my know BIG HUGS i´m sending you a soft massage on your head

Cubby said...

Take it easy.

BosGuy said...

Yikes, feel better.

CJ/Rick said...

Oh Man, I've had them till I had to throw up. I hope you're better by now.
I love being off this time of year. Enjoy yourself.

Mark in DE said...

Sorry about your migraine. Hope it passes soon!

Wonder Man said...

hope you feel better