31 December 2010

Behr Blather 2010 Look Back

I am not sorry to see 2010 leave. It's not been the worst year of my life but it also hasn't been the best. I believe that it can be a good thing to recap or review the year...we realize our accomplishments and failures and it helps us to enter the new year. So briefly here is my Behr Recap:

The first month of what was then the new year set the tone for 2010 and it sucked. My PC and laptop both crashed on me. The upside is I bought a Macbook (and I'm loving it). Unfortunately with the crash of the PC, I suffered a loss of some fantastic pictures. Here on Behr Blather I shared my story Love, Not Love. It was a cathartic experience and one into which I hope I have gained some additional insight.

In the February I had the opportunity to do sound for a production of "Almost, Maine." It was a wonderful show and a tremendous experience.

Not much happened in March. Boring month. I attended a one-day seminar training (it's part of a longer training) for work but other than that I can't remember much.

In April I took my first 2010 trip to SF for work, which was fantastic! I am so thankful for those friends who make time in their busy schedules to see me. I had dinner at favorite places, reacquainted myself with "the wild wood weed" and of course saw my favorite bear in the world.

May brought a new first for me: I hired a gardener. He mows and trims and it saves me from doing it. He's also cleaned out flowerbeds for me and he's always trying to get me to improve the quality of plants in my yard. I'm just thankful I don't have to do the lawn; it's always been the bane of my existence.

June was a busy month, being involved with another theater production and participating in the Arthritis Walk again. On the career front, I co-facilitated a soft skills class so that was an exciting experience.

July was the catalyst for a couple of events and changes in my life. Toward the end of the month I began experiencing sharp pains in my head. I had x-rays of my sinuses and a CAT scan of my head for probable causes.

August brought my second trip to SF for work, just a quick couple days. It ended up being a waste of time, work-wise. However, I again visited favorite restaurants and had the opportunity to cuddle with my favorite bear. I also underwent endoscopic sinus surgery to remove a cyst and straighten my septum. It was quite an experience and I can honestly say that 4 months later I am very glad I had it done.

September saw some recovery time off from work. Other than that, nothing exciting happened.

In October I a sonogram of my carotid arteries done to see if that was causing some dizziness. I also participated in the National Kidney Foundation walk at the Rose Bowl. I obtained some valuable information. I also had the opportunity to do lights for a theater production of "12 Angry Jurors." A lot of fun. I made my annual trek to Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights with my friends M, C, K and M.

I started using vacation time in November. I silently celebrated being in my house for 9 years. There are days I still cannot believe this is my place. It's not the Taj Mahal but it's home.

December has been an emotional month for me. On the work front, a not good thing happened to me. I had to move out of my office into a cubicle to make room for a higher level officer. This was naturally a blow to my ego and also has me fearing for my job, despite what my boss says. I do not look forward to returning to work in the new year. Despite the rest of the year being fine, this new change has really shaken my confidence, drastically changed my attitude, and has increased my stress level. On the other hand, I took three weeks of vacation during which I had a new garage door installed, cleaned out the garage, made a little dent in cleaning out the spare bedroom, bought a new chair for the living room, and basically vegged out.

In looking back over the year, among all of the changes one stands out way on top: I quit smoking. With the exception of one cigarette I have been smoke-free since the end of August. I've had very few cravings and don't miss it at all. Yay me!

There you have it....Behr Blather's 2010 Look Back. My wish for today is that everyone has a safe New Year's Eve. I want you all around for 2011.



Stan said...

I think I need that endoscopic sinus surgery you had. I can't breathe through one side of my nose. It's caused my sleep apnea to worsen and I can't lay flat anymore to sleep. But alas with no health insurance my options or none. Just one example of how my year sucked. I won't bore you with the rest.
Here's hoping you have a Happy and Healthy New Year Mark!

Wonder Man said...

I hope 2011 will bring you happiness

mistress maddie said...

I always enjoy your blog and pics and I glad to meet you in the great blogosphere! Happy New Year to you my sweetheart!

Mistress B

Cubby said...

Happy New Year Mark!!

Congratz on stopping smoking. I hear how nicotine is the most addictive drug on earth, so bravo for breaking the addiction!

BosGuy said...

Yes, I agree w/ Cubby - Congratulations! Set aside some of the money you would have spent on cigs to treat yourself to something later this year. I had my partner do this so when he started to feel those familiar urges - he could look back at his savings. I think he was shocked how quickly the money added up.

All my best in 2011,