14 December 2010

Behr Pick: Jason Sokody Redux

There seems to be a rash of Jason Sokody posts lately, here on Blogger and elsewhere. Since he's a personal favorite, I thought I'd jump on the band wagon.

This picture is unlike anything else you've seen him do: the shaved head, the furry chest, and the massive arms and chest that look as if they're bigger than ever. This is Jason at his absolute daddy best.




Cubby said...

He's such a hottie. I just looked him up and found out he's not thrilled to have gay men lusting after him. Too bad for him. If he was smart he would work it to his benefit.

Mark in DE said...

Very sexy!

Stan said...

WOOF! Great pick!

David Dust said...

Jason is gorgeous - but kind of a dick. A long time ago he demanded that I remove his pictures from my site - and if I recall, he wasn't very gracious about it.


Wonder Man said...

That's sad...He needs to lighten up

Anonymous said...

God! Look at his arms! Can't imagine how the rest of him will be!