15 July 2014

Behr Update

Hey Blather fans....I know it's been a while since I have really shared anything other than "news" stories and pics of my fat ass with Captain America and Thor...so here's a quick update.

It's been a month since I got laid off and I haven't really started looking for a job despite pressure from family and a few friends. This week I'm starting to finally think about it seriously. It's not been easy though considering that everything feels repetitious. For example, last week I logged into the CalJobs site - which is a state government site that allows one to create a resume and search for jobs -statewide - and began creating the online profile. There were some free form sections that I wanted to think about before entering anything. So when I logged in this morning everything I'd already entered was gone and my "profile" didn't exist. Frustrating. 

My former company pays for a third-party career management company for 30 days; I haven't called them and they've called twice and sent a letter. I was dragging my feet because - quite honestly - I'm kind of in the 'anger' stage of this experience. They want to help me "transition" to a new job. Well, goddamn it, I had a job. I know I shouldn't be angry with this third-party company but again it seems like a slap in the face. Anyway, I finally called and maybe it won't be so bad. They'll help critique my resume, which definitely needs help. 

One of the other things I need to do soon is to find a new bank. If you don't remember, I worked for a bank and like an idiot have all of my eggs in their basket: checking, credit card, mortgage, IRA. So I want to open a new account somewhere else so in time I can start paying my bills out of that account and use the existing account for the auto debit of the mortgage payment. I may look to refinance at a lower rate but want to establish a good relationship with the new bank first. 

Here's perhaps the most exciting piece of news: at the end of the week I'm having a colonoscopy! I'm so thrilled. NOT. Okay let's be honest...lately I've been bottoming for O, mainly because I don't want to lose him and he is always horny. But to have a camera stuck up my ass? Not my idea of how to spend a Friday afternoon. Deep down I'm afraid a problem will be found.

Other than....I haven't had much excitement. The days still blur into one another. 

Leave a comment and tell me what is new with you...come on...show the Behr some love!!



Rick said...

I need to schedule one of those darn things myself. I had one when I turned 50 and a few polyps were found so they recommended me have another in 5 years instead of the normal 10. I have received two notices in as many months but I have yet to set a date. I need to do so because there is such a long waiting list. It's the prep not the procedure that's a bear. Sorry. ;)
Yeah, take advantage of anything your former company offered. You don't want to lose that service.
Have a good weekend!

Stan said...

Good luck with the colonoscopy. I'm due for one too. At least they put you out for them now so have a way for someone to drive you to and back home.
I'm in the dark about the job market these days having been out of it for a few years now. I do have 2 nieces that recently found good jobs though.
I hope something turns up soon. I can't believe July is half over already!

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

sending warm energy your way, it will get better

Howard in CT said...

I've had 2 colonoscopies so I can 2nd the motion - the prep is the worst of it. But the cleaner the colon, the better they can see, hopefully, nothing. I had propofol and then it was over. Gotta have someone drive you home. Drink all the liquids you can afterwards cuz you're gonna be dehydrated. Best of luck, Mark. Best advice - don't worry. You'll be fine.