04 September 2013

How the Staycation is Progressing

I've been on vacation all week and today was the first day it truly felt like it. It started, of course, last Friday night when I joined my two dear friends Dan and Mark for the wedding celebration dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant. It was a nice gathering of old and new friends and the food was delicious...the lobster bisque was divine.

I awoke on Saturday with one of those nagging headaches that tells me I have a sinus problem. I lived with the pain through yesterday when I finally got antibiotics. Hopefully on the mend now.

On Saturday, Omar came over and we went out to eat then returned to my place to watch "Wreck It Ralph" and a second movie that now escapes me. Yes to all of you nosy nellies....we also engaged in coitus. *grin*

Sunday I worked in my yard, trimming the overhanging trees from the neighbor's yard. My parents helped (long story but it was much appreciated) and we had a nice lunch of green salad, pesto pasta salad both made by moi and little sandwiches made by Mom. To relax, we watched "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel."

Monday was spent lounging and napping, trying to get rid of the sinus headache.

Tuesday I had an eye appointment...I'll be getting new spectacles and the lenses of my sunglasses changed out. I also spent time going to the pharmacy twice and waiting for my damn antibiotics!

Today I went to the movies, saw "Blue Jasmine." It's a typical "let's start in the middle of the story and end in the middle of the story" Woody Allen film. All of the performances are fine, especially Sally Hawkins as Ginger. The standout performance is of course Cate Blanchett as Jasmine. Her mental breakdown and attempt to maintain her social and mental standing while trying to cope with the loss of her money, husband (a sexy Alec Baldwin who unfortunately does not remove his shirt), son, social position, and sanity. 

After the movie I waited around for Omar to get off work. We had a really nice dinner and then went to  Barnes and Noble to look around. We ended with dessert at Beard Papa's. It was really nice to see him fully clothed in the middle of the week. *wink*

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt Disneyland. Imagine my surprise when I looked up their hours and find they're only open 10am to 7pm. And no fireworks. Damn. My thought of going when the kids were in school might backfire. It's okay, that's probably way too much Disney at once. Omar and I have tentative plans to see "The World's End" at Downtown Disney.

So that's how the staycation is holding up. Oh...did I mention it's been bordering 100 degrees? Yes, it's been freaking miserable. Poor Winston does nothing but sleep in the closet and in the cooler living room where the window A/C is running practically 24/7. How does one order an Arctic cold front?


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Matthew Gregory said...

I'm glad your staycation has been a good one, behr! HUGS

I thought Blue Jasmine was good too.