15 September 2013

Another Year Another Walk

I've survived another National Kidney Foundation walk! This was the 4th annual Los Angeles area walk, once again held at the world famous Rose Bowl. The route was the same for the 3-mile option (click to enlarge):

I was happy with my participation this year...I raised $450. THANK YOU to those of you who supported, I truly appreciate it. As I told the local division president, we all support charities but when we support a charity that affects us personally then we become even more passionate about it. That's how I am with the NKF walk. I've not done a very good job of showing that passion because I'm afraid of taking advantage of friendships...but this is a serious disease that affects millions, many of whom do not know they have it.

She was a bit surprised when I mentioned that I've participated in all four walks to date.

Here's the best part: I walked the 3 miles in 48 minutes! That's a personal best. Considering I weigh over 300 pounds, have gout, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and oh yeah kidney disease, I'm rather proud of myself. My mom walked the 1 mile option and trust me....that's a lot for her. 

Now I'm sitting at home, watching movies and napping and gritting my teeth from my ankles hurting!

Oh and a word about the dorky sunglasses...while on vacation I went to the eye doctor and ordered new glasses and new lenses for my sunglasses. Unfortunately the sunglasses had to be shipped off to have the new lenses inserted. So I bought a pair of those "over sight" glasses that fit over my regular glasses. I didn't realize how Atom Ant I looked! But they're doing the job until the real ones come back (hopefully this week).

That's how I ended my weekend...and am starting my week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week, wherever you are and whatever you do.



Stan said...

Congratulations on the walk. Hopefully I'll still be here for you next year too.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Congratulations!!! You must be proud of yourself! Well done!
sunglasses don't look that bad!

Rick said...

Good for you Mark. I was glad to help out. I hope that your feet are feeling better and that you're ready for some dancing this weekend.

Howard in CT said...

Congratulations on a great effort!

Before I read your words, I was actually thinking that is such a sexy pic of you. Never would've thought those were "overlays"