25 August 2013

Sunday Favorite: 90

On this past Friday night I had a nice phone call from my friend who - with his partner - moved to Illinois last year. They're in the Los Angeles area house sitting and they've decided to "tie the knot." They've been together for about 20 years and FINALLY their union will be legal. He was calling to invite me to their as yet to be planned post-nuptials dinner party. 

A female coworker informed me last week that she and her partner of 17 years also made a trip to the County Clerk's office and officially got hitched.

A coworker in my department announced a couple of weeks ago that he and his partner (not sure of how many years, double digits though I believe) also have officially gotten married.

Love - and equality - is in the air!

As for me, I continue to be single although seeing a bit of O still. Not sure if we're friends with benefits, fuck buddies, or boyfriends. I'm not questioning it. He's grown a lot since we first met: now employed, paying rent to his father, and being a responsible adult. He's also grown in size! He's gained weight, which looks good on him, and he fits my idea of "cub" or "bear" although such labels are unimportant. Last Saturday we spent a major portion of the day together and had a really good time. I enjoy his company and he finds me attractive so there's not much to question. 

One more week! Then we have our long Labor Day weekend. I'll be taking the other four days off that week. I've only had five days of vacation so far this year. That leaves me 17 days to take by year end. So I decided that would be a good time to knock off four days.

I'm looking forward to Gay Days this year; my friends Roger and Dave will be coming down from Washington again. I hope to be able to hang out with them. They're really woofy and friendly and just really great guys.

Does anyone have a pet-safe remedy for ant invasions? I've dealt with ants this entire past week. Every night when I've gotten home I've had to battle them. Poor Winston's food takes the brunt of it. I've tried the Blue Dawn, the Bounce dryer sheets, boric acid...nothing seems to keep them from coming into the house. And most times I cannot tell where they're coming from! It's frustrating. I'm thinking of calling an exterminator that a friend with pets uses.

That's about all of an update I have. Boring! 



Stan said...

Have you tried spraying the outside perimeter of the house? Cats are very sensitive to chemicals as you know. Glad to hear about your BF.
Don't spoil everything by getting married. (Spoken by an old cynic)

Matthew Gregory said...

Yay Gay Days!

Rick said...

Yeah I would agree wit Stan and spray the outside first. Around the windows foundation door jams etc.
Sounds as if love is in the air in CA.
A fuck buddy of any kind would be nice.