02 June 2013

Sunday Favorite: 89

Today I am off to the Santa Monica Beach with my Mom for the Arthritis Foundation Walk. I've done this walk for the past several years and have blogged about it before. Thank you to my friends who have supported me. My Mom asked if I wanted to skip it but I said no...I think we should go. It'll be good.

The past few days have been difficult for me...I'm doing better but know the worse is to come. In my last post I told you that my friend Rosalee passed away. I've been an emotional wreck. Just about the time I think I have a hold on it I start crying again. It's been most difficult at the theatre where Rosalee was an integral part of the workings. Each night at the end of the show when the audience begins applauding I start crying. Rosalee would have loved this show. She would have laughed and laughed and had witty things to say. She will never experience the joy of performing again.

Friday night I had a call from Rosalee's sister. She called to tell me about Rosalee and to ask me to be a pall bearer at the service/internment on Thursday. She said that they realized they needed them and her younger sister said "Markus." That touched me, made me feel honored, and totally ripped my heart out. Her sister said "She loved you so much." 

I have a rough work week ahead. Lots of classes and a little traveling to the Inland Empire but just for one day. It'll be about an hour drive each way if I'm lucky. The drive home will probably be rough. 

In addition, my Mom shared today that she's having another medical procedure. Without going into too much detail she's upset about it (there's a hassle with having to have changed doctors) and she's afraid of what they'll find. So that's weighing on my mind as well.

Thankfully there are no rehearsals until Thursday and that's cast only; stage crew not required. Yippee!!

So that's the update as of this morning. I certainly hope all of you out there are well.


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